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Download Windows Loader by DAZ to make Pirated Windows Genuine

Windows Loader by DAZ

Windows loader by DAZ

This fact cannot be denied that most of the computer users across the Globe use Pirated version of Windows on their computer. Despite knowing that it poses a serious threat to the security of their device and the data on it.

Pirated Windows we know makes your computer susceptible to Virus and Malware attacks. Hackers mostly break into vulnerable devices with Pirated version of Windows.

So if you want to secure your computer from viruses and Malware, then it is important for you to use genuine version of Windows.

But those who are using pirated version of Windows don’t need to feel disappointed, today we have a very good news for them.

They too can now have Genuine Windows installed on their computers and that too absolutely free.

We will tell them how to convert their Pirated version of Windows into a Genuine Product. Otherwise their pirated version of Windows will keep on troubling them by creating one or other error. They have to activate their Windows by a Windows loader by DAZ.

Windows 7 loader- Features

Some of the features of Windows 7 loader are as follows:

  1. It is an activator brought by DAZ in the market. It is called Windows 7 Loader but it is capable to activate other editions of Microsoft Windows as well
  2. You can also activate Microsoft Office with it. The best part is the Program is absolutely free for all users. So Affordability should not create an issue.
  3. It interface is so simple and easy to use. You just need to tap Activate button, it will make connection with Key Management service (KMS)
  4. KMS activates your Product. When it connects to KMS, it begins to download all important token files.
  5. The activation is once for all. You don’t need to activate your Windows again.
  6. It identifies unique registry path that contains KMS activation entries.
  7. And then it downloads token to replace new registry entry with old ones.
  8. Further, it creates additional registry key for logging purpose.
  9. It is a multilingual program available for both 32bit and 64bit Windows.
  10. If you have an unused key, DAZ Loader enables you to use that key.
  11. Apart from loading Windows, it also helps you in loading Microsoft Offices 2016, 13 and 10.
  12. It has a capability to bypass Validation trick of Microsoft Windows
  13. It is a Virus and Malware free Product, hence there is no risk associated with it.

Windows Loader by DAZ

How to use Windows 7 loader to activate and make Windows 7 genuine?

The steps to make Windows or Microsoft Office Genuine with Windows 7 loader is as follows

  1. Disable the security software active on your device Operating System.
  2. Now tap Windows 7 Loader link
  3. Run exe to complete installation
  4. Now tap on ‘More’ and choose Run Anyway. You will see the following message on your screen “Windows Protected your PC.”
  5. Then Restart Computer after installation.
  6. This should make your Pirated Windows genuine.
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