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Download WinRAR 5.40 Crack to activate it on your Computer Window

Download WinRAR 5.40

WinRAR 5.40 is a software which aids user in opening, creating, compress and decompressing the ZIP, RAR and some more file formats. WinRAR 5.40 supports new algorithm ‘RAR5’ for compression.

WinRAR – Importance

Now you must be wondering to know that is WinRAR Keygen important for a computer or user can run System without it. Scroll down the page to read its uses, then you will come to know about its importance in your computer.

  Some of its uses are as follows:

  1. It compresses system files with ease. Compressing is important to free space on hard drive of computer
  2. The formats it supports include RAR5, RAR and ZIP. RAR5 is the latest inclusion in WinRAR. It offers better compression than all other algorithms
  3. Not just compressing, WinRAR protects your compressed files using password. This saves your files from malware and virus attack.
  4. It hides files so that others don’t access them.
  5. You can use it to create a self-extracting file or files.  Double click on your compressed file to decompress it. You can even use it repair the damage documents and files.
  6. Regarding decompression WinRAR is compatible with 15 different formats.  The formats are as ISO, JAR, RAR, ACE, CAB, TAR, LHZ, UUE, CAB, ZIP, GZip and ARJ etc.
  7. WinRAR is a very user friendly software handled even by inexperienced users with ease.
  8. Its option Menu is detailed but simple. It lets user to configure every aspect and feature of program.
  9. You can compress and decompress files from directly from Context menu in just one click.
  10. In addition to it, it collaborates with the security software installed on your computer
  11. We will like to share with you that compression format RAR5 is compatible with WinRAR 5.0 and the versions which were released after it

 WinRAR- main features

  1. It collaborates with antivirus to scan your files and documents thus saves them from malware and virus attack
  2. You can very easily remove or add a file
  3. You can unzip files with it.
  4. It works with Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista.

Download WinRAR 5.40

Crack WinRAR 5.40

You can purchase WinRAR online and enter genuine license key to activate it. But for users who are not in a position to purchase it due to some reason, for them we will be providing WinRAR 5.40 crack link for them on this page. Crack will bypass the registry features to activate WinRAR 5.40 on your computer.

The procedure to Crack WinRAR 5.40 is as follows

  1. Download and install WinRAR 5.40
  2. Now install Crack WinRAR 5.40
  3. Install it inside downloaded folder
  4. Since “rarreg.key” receives imports during the installation process, so you are not required to copy and paste crack setup file in the installation folder.
  5. This should activate your WinRAR 5.40.
  6. So, enjoy compressing and decompressing files.
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