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Psiphon Pro APK

This article contains stuff related to Psiphon Pro APK. How to install, features and how to use it. You can download Psiphon Pro APK from the link given on this page.

Psiphon Pro APK- An overview

  • Has your Government restricted access to Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites in your country? Now bypass this restriction and access YouTube and social media channels. We have got a solution to your problem.
  • Download Psiphon Pro APK App on your computer and access blocked, censored and the otherwise unavailable sites on your mobile phone. Some news channels such as BBC and CNN.com have imposed region wise restriction on their content. Most of the people living in Asia are not able to access their content due to region restriction. Now you can make use of Psiphon Pro APK App to nullify this ban.
  • You may be surprised to know that Psiphon Pro APK App is being already used in more than 200 countries. It is considered the best APK for Internet bypassing to access the sources of open internet.

Psiphon Pro APK- Notable features

Some notable features of Psiphon Pro APK are as follows

  1. It selects protocols automatically to ensure you reliable and effective circumvention every time.
  2. It enables you to monitor how much internet traffic you have consumed with in the Apps. It works as a stats tracking Application as well
  3. Psiphon Pro APK is an open-source but is subjected to the credible security auditing and for open review

How to install Psiphon Pro APK

Psiphon Pro APK download link is present towards the bottom of this page. You just need to click on the required link to get Psiphon Pro APK on your mobile phone. But before starting installation of Psiphon Pro APK check these requirements. If your phone meets these requirements, then proceed on to download Psiphon Pro APK. The requirements are as given below

  1. Psiphon Pro APK File size is 10.25MB, so there should be at least 10.25 MB space free on your phone to accommodate Psiphon Pro APK.
  2. You will require Android 2.3+ phone (minimum) or more than it to install Psiphon Pro APK.
  3. Psiphon Pro APK has been developed by Psiphon Inc.
  4. It belongs to category Communication and was latest updated on September 19, 2016

Installation instructions

Follow these simple instructions to install Psiphon Pro APK on your smartphone

  1. First of all ensure you have space available on your phone enough to accommodate Psiphon Pro APK
  2. In case you have tracking protection or Adblock plugin enabled on your phone, disable them immediately because these two functions may affect Psiphon Pro APK install.
  3. Download and store the Psiphon Pro APK file in your phone or external memory
  4. Now use file manager to install it on your device
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